François Bourassa Quartet £10.00

7:30pm Saturday 3rd November

Over three decades, François Bourassa has built many musical mansions. As pianist, composer and bandleader, he long ago became an international example of Canada’s contemporary jazz scene. A model of both consistency and evolution, he continues to challenge himself, his talented musical partners and his ever-widening community of listeners. On Number 9, François Bourassa's ninth album of original music for his own band, the Montreal-born pianist and empathic colleagues allude to formative influences, serendipitous encounters and places from his past. Sensuous imagination supported by sterling technique, François here empowers his musicians to embark on an adventure-strewn, winding road that tours vistas and waysides of a collective mindscape, strikingly different at every go 'round, each listen. Featuring - François Bourassa - piano, André Leroux - saxophones, flute, clarinet, Guy Boisvert - double bass, Guillaume Pilote - drums.

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