PULL £10.00

7:30pm Saturday 21st July

In early 2017, the Amsterdam based contemporary-indie-jazz quartet PULL has released their debut album “Pull a String, a Puppet Moves” recorded in Germany under Loumi Records, presenting an all original project of new music composed by all four band members. This co-lead band, consisting of Guy Salamon on drums (Israel), Alistair Payne on trumpet (Scotland), Teis Semey on guitar (Denmark) and Brodie Jarvie on bass (Scotland) brings the sounds of spacious and eerie moods with the expression of a chaotic and kinetic energy all together into one strong identity. PULL’s music travels from the solemn tones of a morning reverence and through anthem- like melodies, traditional jazz influences, folk music and indie rock. The four members of Pull are constantly writing new music for the band and have been touring around Europe for the past two years. In October 2017, They recorded their second album which consists of thirteen new original tunes and is planned to be released 2018.

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